Samsung in-ear earphones rectangle configuration audit: Hits the correct notes

The standard 3.5mm earphone jack is being discarded by the fat cats – mostly Apple and Google – of the innovation world. Such a move may have sounded the passing ring for wired headphones yet there remains a relentless and faithful stream of clients who favor them. What’s more, is there any good reason why they shouldn’t as wired headphones are convenient, simple to-utilize and you don’t have to fret over charging them. Remote headphones/earphones have begun to make their essence felt yet the exemplary headphones are as yet going solid.

Samsung’s most recent in-ear (rectangle outline) earphones are a case of this. We have been utilizing them for some time now and here is our audit:

Fabricate and outline

The Samsung in-ear earphones have a rectangular formed aluminum ear lodging with a cleaned anodized wrap up. The ear pieces fit effectively into the ears and don’t slip out. The organization is putting forth three sizes in ear tips – little, medium and substantial for clients to pick the ideal fit for them. We utilized the little size and were greatly happy with the fit and the solace level notwithstanding amid delayed utilization.

The headphones come in Silver and Blue shading blend. The correct sound link plays home to the amplifier, which houses the three-catch controller that performs capacities like play/delay, volume up and volume down). Samsung marking can be found on the driver of the headphones.

The headphones have a 1.2m link which is separated into rubber treated level complete link at the best and created link at the base. This, nonetheless, doesn’t imply that the headphones don’t get tangled up yet they can be effectively unwound.

In general, we were very inspired with the outline and manufacture nature of the Samsung in-ear earphones. Weighing around 18g, the headphones are very lightweight which makes it less demanding for clients to convey the headphones.


The Samsung in-ear earphones gloat of a twofold layered movement structure that is guaranteed to help extensive recurrence ranges for better sound understanding.

With regards to the sound quality, the Samsung rectangle outline headphones convey extremely amazing yield. The clamor cancelation of the headphones is magnificent. The highs and mids from the headphones were fresh and clear as well. The headphones ticked the checkbox for bass and treble too. Indeed, even at higher volume levels, there was no bending of sound yet there is positive sound spillage that may pester individuals sitting beside you. We would guidance utilizing them at bring down volume levels in case you’re in an open place or utilizing open transport.

We confronted no issue when it came to noting calls. The call quality was very certain with no aggravation or contortion of any sort.


At a cost of Rs 1,889, the Samsung in-ear earphones are surely a decent match of headphones and are certainly worth considering in the event that you are searching for a wired combine of headphones in a sensible value run. Add to it the Samsung mark esteem, there is a sure level of value affirmation that comes appended with the headphones. The sound yield will awe you thus will the assemble quality.

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